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Shapeshifters in the Forest: Natural Artsmithing

Inspired by the art of Andy Goldsworthy, Tracks & Tales is taking children and families out into the forest to make art!

Following our instincts, breathing in the forest, we will use leaves, branches, rocks, water, wind, and other natural elements to create temporary yet timeless sculptures.

Here are some inspirational pieces by Goldsworthy:

Here are some links to more of Goldsworthy's works:
* Goldsworthy image search
* Andy Goldsworthy images
* Rivers & Tides, a documentary about Goldsworthy

Family Friendly

Shapeshifters sessions are specifically organized for both families, with parents or caregivers accompanying their children.


All sessions take place take place on our secluded creekside property just east of Duvall, WA.

Contact Us!

Interested? We'll arrange a date for artsmithing when we have a group of folks who want to come! Let us know by emailing here.

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Tracks & Tales Nature School is owned and operated by Flying Mountain Ltd., which is based in Duvall, Washington.