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Primitive Survival Skills

Learn how to survive in the woods with handmade tools and survival knowledge! Make your own tools, identify hazards and helpful plants.

Skills taught may include:

  • Fire making, including bow drill. Stressing the importance of fire building in all weather conditions.
  • Hide tanning and sewing tanned hides.
  • Debris shelters. Created out of found natural materials for one or more people.
  • Primitive tools made with local basalt and bone. Focus on simplicity and use.
  • Edible & medicinal plants: identification, lookalikes, local harvesting.
  • Building traps and hunting tools.
  • Animal processing and primitive cooking.
  • Water purification with found natural materials.
  • Cordage, baskets, weaving and pottery.
  • Optional survival overnights.

School-year Classes & Summer Camps

We are currently offering hands-on Primitive / Survival Skills Classes for kids from October through May.
Two concurrent Monday weekly classes are for children aged 7-10 years and children aged 11 and up.
Two concurrent Saturday monthly classes are for children aged 7-10 years and children aged 11 and up.

See our registration page for exact dates and pricing.

Summer Camps

Our Primitive Skills Summer Camps run 5 hours Monday - Friday, packing lots of hands-on training into each day. See our registration page for dates and pricing.

Please see our registration page for prices and dates.

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Please have your child bring or wear layers of clothes so they will be comfortable if the temperature changes or they get wet. Wool clothing is good if it is cool. Natural fibers (especially wool) is better than clothing made from plastic when around sparks. NOTE: children may get dirty and clothing may get rips or small holes.


Please pack your child a hearty lunch with additional snacks. We will take breaks to eat and drink.



We are located about 4 miles east of Duvall, Washington at 31815 NE 162nd St. Duvall, WA 98019. View Google Map

Parking: When you turn onto 318th Ave NE, come down the hill. Turn left at the bottom of the hill and our driveway is IMMEDIATELY on your right. Please pull ALL THE WAY into our driveway unless your child is just hopping out and you're driving off right away. We are happy to connect you with other parents to facilitate carpooling!

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