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Instructors & Staff

Lucas Rebrovic grew up in rural Southwest Ohio, playing in the woods everyday. From a young age Lucas developed a passion for skills that enabled him to be outside with as little man-made "stuff" as possible. As a teenager this passion led him to begin experimenting with bow building, which quickly snowballed into a full-fledged desire to learn every primitive skill he could imagine. Lucas graduated the Wilderness Awareness School Residential Program and then earned his degree in Environmental Biology. He now resides in Carnation, Washington, where he continues to enjoy and learn from bow making, flint knapping, hide tanning, wild food harvesting, blacksmithing, and a multitude of other exciting outdoor living skills. Lucas has been our primary Skills instructor since 2013, teaching throughout the year and during summer.

Nichole Crosson was born and raised in Michigan where she enjoyed the summers, but eventually craved more mild and sunny winters After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, with a focus on early childhood, Nichole moved to Austin, TX where she taught for 6 years. From non-profit preschools to Waldorf inspired programs to the Austin Science and Nature Center, she developed nature connection curriculum wherever she went. Sometimes that included taking her class on a short hike to a creek nearby and building forts, or solving a mystery by looking up feathers from the playground in a field guide, or playing sneaking and hiding games before nap time. Nichole eventually made her way to Earth Native Wilderness School where she worked for 2 years teaching survival skills and mentoring children ages 3-16. She created all the preschool and kindergarten programs there, including week-long summer camps and a year-long homeschool program. During her time at the school, she participated in every adult class she could, including the tracking intensive, basket making, bird language, and more. This year she is attending the Wilderness Awareness School as a student in their Anake program. Nichole is excited to deepen her connection with the earth and primitive skills, knowing that this can only make her a more knowledgable and connected mentor for her students. We are pleased that Nichole is bringing her Ninja Coyotes program to Tracks & Tales this year!

Jessenia Eisenman grew up on a Permaculture farm in the desert of southern California, learning land stewardship, animal husbandry, natural building, community living and how to walk in the wild. She is a graduate of the 2015 Anake Outdoor Program of Wilderness Awareness School and currently apprenticing in their Anake Leadership Program. She is passionate about being connected to her food through farming and wild-tending/harvesting, singing and playing music, crafting as much as possible, genuine human connection and being a good auntie to the children in her life. Senia is assisting Lucas with our Monday and Saturday Primitive Skills program.

Harper Stone was raised on myths and folktales from around the world. He was influenced by three significant mentors throughout his life; one a man named Aaron who developed a warriorship mentoring program. At 15, Harper experienced this program and rite of passage, with profoundly transformative personal results. While traveling in Ireland, he met a man named Roderic who taught him about living an intentional, passionate and empowered life. For nine months he lived and worked alongside him, learning about the archetypes, unconscious patterns and stories. Thirdly, he met a woman raised in the culture of rural Ireland and has maintained a four-year correspondence with her, gaining an education in the lore, perspectives and rituals of the Celtic tradition. For the past ten years, he has worked with Renaissance Adventures, based in Boulder, Colorado, leading kids on Adventure Quest Summer Camps. In 2012, he took a group of ten teens to an eco-retreat center in Wales, UK for an 11-day adventure into nature, history, myth and magic. At the end of the program, each one said they would remember it for the rest of their lives. Harper has lead summer camps for Tracks and Tales since 2012.

Kaan Oral has been studying primitive survival skills since 2002. A student of Tom Brown's Tracker School, Kaan learned that survival depends not on fighting nature, but on surrendering to it, bringing awareness to what is around and inside you. He spent a year living in the woods in a shelter he built, eating almost entirely food he gathered and harvested, using supplies found and made from the land. He is adept at shelters, bow drill fires, weaving baskets, spinning fibers, tanning hides, and weaving on a backstrap loom. He is also a nationally registered EMT-Basic and Wilderness First Responder. He believes experience is the best teacher. Kaan joins us during the summer to co-instruct our Primitive Skills Camps.

Maya Wallach, parent, volunteer, and registrar, helped start Tracks & Tales Nature School after seeing how students of all ages blossom in the amazing outdoor programs at the Wilderness Awareness School. Maya spent much of her childhood on the Pacific's rocky beaches, and splashing in the clear blue lakes of the high Sierras. After several careers in New York (social work, arts administrator), Paris (dance writer & photographer) and Bangalore (computer programmer), living on a creek in the forest feels like coming home at last. Maya is currently enrolled in a 4 hour healing program based on Native American practices. She is passionate about fostering community.

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