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Thoughtful, inspirational videos and writings about education

Why we Need a Little Roughhousing is a thoughtful and provocative piece by Rafe Kelley, founder of Evolve Move Play. Here's a short excerpt:

We have denied and forgotten our natures as movers. We have become so averse to risk, so afraid of violence, that we shorten recesses in order to prevent kids from having conflict. We tear down amazing older playgrounds made from metal and wood to replace them with new playgrounds designed to limit kids’ potential for movement as much as possible. We live in an era where kids get suspended from school for wrestling over a toy, or making gun shapes with their fingers.

These fears are misplaced, and indeed contrary to reality; play makes us smarter, movement is vitally important for the health of the mind, and rough play teaches us our limits and the value of nonviolence. Through exploration of those capacities we gain control over them and the understanding of the appropriate place to express them.

Listen to this 13 year old explain "hackschooling" in 11 minutes. What does he want to be when he grows up? Same as now: happy and healthy. To do this, he highlights the importance of 8 particular TLCs (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes):
     * Exercise
    * Diet & Nutrition
    * Time in Nature
    * Contribution & Service
    * Relationships
    * Recreation
    * Relaxation & Stress Management
    * Religious & Spiritual
Watch the TEDx talk here

After selling his jewelry company in 2007, John Hardy and his wife, Cynthia, endowed a thrilling new project: the Green School in Bali. At the Green School, kids learn in open-air classrooms surrounded by acres of gardens that they tend; they learn to build with bamboo; and meanwhile they're being prepared for traditional British school exams. The school is international -- 20 percent of students are Bali locals, some on scholarship. The centerpiece of the campus is the spiraling Heart of School, which may be called Asia's largest bamboo building.

Hardy has long been an advocate of the use of bamboo as an alternative to timber for building and reforestation. When running his company, Hardy pioneered a program of sustainable advertising that offset the carbon emissions associated with the yearly corporate print advertising by planting bamboo on the island of Nusa Penida in a cooperative plantation.

John Hardy, founder of the Green School, in Bali

Children today spend more time in the virtual world than the natural world. What are the consequences of a life disconnected from nature? The documentary Play Again unplugs a group of media savvy teens and takes them on their first wilderness adventure to find out.

Here's another film, a 2011 Official Selection othe Environmental Film Festival: Mother Nature's Child.

A growing percentage of children in Norway are attending outdoor preschool. It is not the same as Tracks & Tales, but the kids are outdoors in all weather and have a flexible, passion-based schedule. They are comfortable clambering over boulders and even climb mountains together.

These two videos by Sir Ken Robinson provide an excellent overview of some of the issues children are facing today.

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

More about Ken Robinson and TED

Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world...TED

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